My #realfreelancelife True Story: Adam Vicarel (2020)


My #realfreelancelife True Story: Adam Vicarel (2020)

Hey, y’all, have we got a treat for you! This week, we’re chatting with the talented Adam Vicarel, full-time freelancer and owner of Vicarel Studios, who brought his usual witty, enlightening and entertaining self to hopefully cheer you up a little during this crazy time we’re living in!

You might remember, we interviewed Adam a couple years ago…on totally different topics like how he affords his jet-setting lifestyle, why he chooses to NOT work 2-3 months a year, and how he has scored projects with Syfy Channel, Comic Con, NBC and Real Housewives of Dallas! For all those stories and more, check out My #freelancelife True Story: Adam Vicarel (2018).

Btw, the socially distanced interview below was done completely by text a few weeks ago. We got the idea from our friend, Laura Kirkpatrick (of America’s Next Top Model fame), and it was so much fun! Let us know how you like this new format, and we might try it again!


Thanks so much to Adam for chatting with us and sharing his wisdom, and also for being willing to experiment and try out this new interview format.

If you want to know more about Adam, check out:

And watch @therealfreelancelife on Instagram for a giveaway of one of Adam’s drool-worthy hand-lettered prints!

Feature Image: @adamvicarel