#freelancelife Truth: How to Stay Humble


#freelancelife Truth: How to Stay Humble

Someday, maybe even now, I hope that you are super successful and living your wildest dreams. That’s really what this blog is all about anyway—helping YOU live the life you’ve always wanted.

When you do “arrive” (or even if you’ve been at the party for a while!), one thing that’s important to keep in check is your pride. And it’s easier said than done!

Pride isn’t all bad. You SHOULD be proud of yourself. You likely worked your ass off to get where you are. Nothing wrong with recognizing that you are amazing (because you are!)

But there’s a difference between being proud of your accomplishments and letting pride rule you. I’ve seen lots of really awesome, really brilliant people fall into this trap that ultimately leads you down a dead-end road, blocks you from potential opportunities and repels possible connections. This is something we can all easily miss in ourselves…so below, I’ve listed out some ways to help keep yourself (and myself!) in check.

1. Remember where you came from.
We were all once a lowly intern or a college student looking for our first professional job out of school. And when we were in those lower positions, we wanted people to treat us with respect and to listen to our opinion. Let’s make sure we do the same for others. Also, no matter how high up the ladder we climb, there’s always someone higher. And those people below us on the ladder? They’re getting a not-so-flattering view of our asses! So, be nice.

2. Cultivate a humble mindset.
Make it a point to listen to others when you’re in a conversation with them. If someone’s being quiet, reach out to them. Share your struggles with others so they know that you’re not superhuman. Ask others for feedback, and listen to what they have to say with an open mind. Everyone at every level in every field has something to teach us, we can’t forget about how much we don’t know too.

3. Build a network.
The wider our network, the more opportunities for growth. From the janitor to your coworker to the CEO, all of them are potential partners/clients…and you WILL be surprised at just how many of them turn up in your future in some way or other (and you don’t want it to be because you treated them like shit). Also, the broader our network, the more potential we have for self-growth. Someone along the line is going to care enough about you to be honest about your flaws…those people are few and far between, so listen!

4. Consider the rising star.
The people currently “below” us (or even on the same level) will rise someday and become powerful and influential. If we treat them with disrespect now, they won’t be inclined to reach out to us or help us when we need it. Bridge burned. Path destroyed. Better HOPE that person doesn’t become your boss someday.

5. Understand what’s behind your own motivations & accept responsibility.
Usually when we exude behavior or an air that is overly confident, we’re compensating for something else. Most people who have been around the block a few times, can recognize this behavior for what it is…a lack of self-confidence. In other words, acting self-important backfires and makes us look as if we are grasping for confidence vs. actually having it. If someone can’t see your cool-factor as you naturally are, then that person wasn’t meant to be part of your tribe. Let them go. Do you realize how many people are on this earth? You will find your people if you stay true and stay kind.

6. Lastly, remember how it felt.
We’ve all been on both sides of the “pride” coin. We’ve all gotten a little cocky in our accomplishments, been a little showy with our success, isolated someone with our pompous demeanor (and if you think you never have, you’re likely a main culprit). Straighten that shit out! In the future, whenever u start to feel your chest puffing out, your swagger getting a little too strong, your attitude a little over-the-top, REMEMBER that day you called ur bestie and cried to her about how terrible some pretentious assholes at work made you feel. Then honey, check yourself before you…oh u know the rest, little know-it-all. *wink*